B E R T H O U D   M E D I A   P R O D U C T I O N

Greek Heroes

Director: Annette Frei Berthoud  / Camera: Selim Berthoud  / Editing: Doris Schmid  / Music: Alessio Lottero, Rotornoise Soundtrack

FILM CLIP               GREEK SWING (FILM MUSIC)          Download CHF 9.90

Yannis Palaiologos, journalist and author

Kostas Kontopoulos sells nuts, chocolats and coffee

Paminos Kyrkinis, CEO of an online delivery

Michalis Mikeli, potter

Thanos und Panos Kloutsiniotis, olive oil producers

Maria Christina Baklava, business woman

Nicole Papasotiriou sells replicas from museums

Demetrios Kouretas creates jobs for young people

Dimitris Kalavros Gousiou, consultant for startups

Maria Farantouri, singer

Yannis Smaragdis, film director

Dimitris Christodoulou, photographer

Paminos could have a good job in London but he preferred to start an online delivery in Greece and created more than 120 jobs. Maria lost her job and is now successful with her own company for thematic tourism. Panos, chemist, and his brother Thanos, economist, wouldn‘t produce their high class olive oil without the crisis. They went back to the roots. Like them many other young Greeks decided to stay in the country looking for new opportunities in the crisis. They talk about risks, frustration, success and hope.

Yannis Palaiologos, journalist and author, analyses the Greek crisis. The singer Maria Farantouri and the film director Yannis Smaragdis, two personalities of the older generation, have their own experiences in difficult times and give a message to the young Greeks.

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